Skin Care

Holistica natural skin care treatments and products are personalized and tailored to your skin needs.

Digestive Therapeutic Clinic is proud to provide you with a Holistic Homoeopathically based skin care line. We offer the most unique and effective skin care services and products.

Well when it comes to the skin, there is no grey area: There are no harmful chemicals or ingredients that can produce a negative effect in Holistica.  A true natural skin care line. Holistica brings to you “Natural Skin Nutrition.”

We are the leaders of putting nature’s best at your disposal. Making each and every individual feel personally cared for and assuring that with Holistica their skin is safe.

Holistica offers more than 250 specific formulations designed to solve the various facial, body and pain problems with Holistica and WOW products.

Come experience the difference an all-natural approach to beauty makes!


Peels and Scrubs

*To be added to any facial

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Body Rejuvenation

We only offer the best of the best in Natural Body Rejuvenation services, which produce truly marvellous results, that last!

Our Rejuvenation services are administered in our brand new Beauty Boutique, a spa-like setting providing a relaxed, soothing and therapeutic setting for you to enjoy your treatments, including:

Body Wraps

A wonderful treatment for the elimination of water retention, loose inches and weight. Body wraps are to detoxify, Re-shape thighs, abdomen, arms, love handles etc. Recommended once a week for 3 weeks marvelous results.

Stretch Mark & Cellulite Treatments

Reduce the visible signs of stretch marks and cellulite with our all-natural treatments that will help you look and feel years younger!

Body Wraps, Cellulite & Stretchmark Treatments

  • Body Shaping Wraps
    A wonderful treatment for the elimination of water retention, loose inches and weight. Body wraps are to detoxify, Re-shape thighs, abdomen, arms, love handles etc. Recommended once a week for 3 weeks to marvelous results and new tighter skin and body.
  • Cellulite Massage Treatment
    $80 - $100
    Smooth, soft and tighter skin .Reduce the look of cellulite and break up the fat cells to prevent and eliminate cellulite . A very stimulating and oxygenating massage used to promote circulation.
  • Stretch Mark Treatment Stomach
    Enhance the look of your bodyReduces the look of scars and stretch marks with active natural ingredients to penetrate deep in the skin. Can completely diminish the look of red stretch marks and fade out white ones.
  • Stretch Mark Treatment Inner / Outer Thighs

Detox Treatments

  • Organ Detox Wrap
    $60 - $95
    Detox wrap to detoxify vital organs, removing toxicity through the skin. Excellent for promoting circulation to veins and soft tissue.
  • Foot Detox Soak
    Duration: 30 min
  • Bio Foot Detox Wrap
    Duration: 45 min
  • Total Foot Detox Soak and Wrap
    Duration: 60 min


  • Eyebrows
    Measuring and Shaping Included
  • Lip or Chin
  • Sides of face, neck or cheeks
  • Nostrils
  • Full face
  • Underarm
  • Bikini
    $20 to $40
    Standard, Extended, G-String (does not include underneath).
  • Brazilian
    Includes bikini plus underneath.
  • Half Arm
  • Full arm
    $ 30
  • Half Leg
    $ 25
  • Full Leg

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Makeup & Aesthetic Treatments

When it comes to Enhancing Beauty, we offer an unmatched unique, personalized experience, beginning with a professional consultation, product selection, and application process.

You will be treated to an amazing beauty experience, and leave looking (and feeling) fabulous!

Eyelash Enhancements

Bring your eyes to life with our professional eyelash enhancements, including lash lifts, eyelash tinting, semi-permanent mascara and more.

St Tropez Spray Tanning

  • Full Body application
    Give yourself a glow! Natural-looking, slimming and never develops orange. Paraben-free, 100% natural tanning agent, zero toxic ingredients and against testing on animals.

    Duration: 30 min

Eyelash Enhancements

  • Eyelash Extensions (Full set)
    Duration: 120 min
  • Standard Fill
    Duration: 60 min
  • Extended Fill
    Duration: 60 min + 15 min
  • Lash Tint
    Duration: 30 min
  • Eyebrow Tint
    Duration: 20 min
  • Lash Tint and Eyebrow Tint
    $ 30.00
    Bring your brows and lashes back to life by giving them the colour and pop they need.

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Manicures & Pedicures

Treat yourself to a truly remarkable experience with one of our premium Manicures and/or Pedicures.

Master pedicurist Bianca Savell is certified by the North American School of Podology and is far from your every day pedicurist.

Her advanced training sets her apart from typical pedicurists, including extensive knowledge in areas such as diabetic foot care, thickened and/or cracked calluses, onychomycosis and/or thickened nails, corns and heel fissures, involuted and /or ingrown toe nails and much more.

Book your advanced pedicure service in a safe and comfortable environment with a trained professional


  • Basic Manicure
    No cuticles, no polish
  • Manicure
    $ 30.00
  • Polish Change
    $ 10.00
  • Shellac Manicure
    $ 35.00
  • Shellac Polish Chage
    $ 20.00
  • Add French
    $ 10.00
  • Shellac Removal
  • Bio Gel Overaly
    $ 40.00
  • Bio Gel Fill


  • Pedicure

  • Toe Polish Change
    $ 15.00

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