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To provide the best natural health care, detoxifying, and cleansing services in a dignified and private environment to help you live a longer, healthier, more vital life.

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Kelly King

Owner, Resident Therapist and Assessor

Kelly is the owner and supervising therapist at Digestive and Therapeutic Wellness centre. Kelly specializes in creating individualized treatment plans to enhance the quality of life of all her clients and help them reach their full potential. She supports and helps her clients to bring balance and happiness/calm to their lives. Kelly is passionate about her work and her client’s total wellbeing. She is dedicated and committed to their success in achieving Overall Body and Mind Wellness.

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Denise Forte


Meet our Registered Holistic Nutritionist!

Hello! I’m Denise Forte, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I’m a wife and a busy mother of two. I specialize in gut health and digestion; a passion of mine that I know is the gateway to better health! I want us to be real together. I get that life is hectic, our world is ever-changing, and we do not put ourselves first (as we should).

I don’t expect you to change overnight, nor should you. I don’t want you to eat a restricted diet, spend too much money on supplements (that you forget to take) and stress about lifestyle changes.

My plan for you is not a quick fix. Healing your gut health and digestion will not happen overnight, but making small, concise, and steady changes toward optimal digestion and a healthy gut will be life-changing.

The health of our gut is tied to many aspects of our well-being, I am living proof of that! I want to share my journey with you, encourage you to fix the root cause, and one day be a part of your gut health and digestion story.

Until the end of MARCH; I am offering a LOVE your GUT discount. Book now and receive 15% off my Two Month Wellness Program! Visit me at www.denisefortenutrition.ca to book your free consultation!

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Linn Purves

Linn Purves, MACP, RP (Q) realized that she wanted to be a therapist at the young age of 12, as she and her family supported nearly 100 foster children until 2005. From these experiences, Linn has become keenly interested in the areas of trauma work and addiction, honing her educational experiences and trainings around these specialties. Since attending the Externship for Emotion Focused Couples Therapy in 2017, Linn has also realized her passion for working with couples. Over the years, Linn has gained experience working in addiction, chronic and terminal illness, grief, trauma in both children, youth, and adults., as well as family and relationship discord. She has also endeavored to continue educating herself and sharpening her clinical skills around her areas of interest. In the near future, Linn will be completing her designation as a clinical traumatologist. When Linn is not working as a clinician, she enjoys spending time with her family, including several dogs, engaging in fitness activities, and you can always find her reading a wide assortment of books. Self-care is a foundational block to being an effective helper in Linn’s opinion, and she looks forward to consulting with you on how she can best support achieving your wellness goals.

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Nicole Gaymer

Nicole Gaymer founder of Dynamic Step Fitness and Embracing Harmony Within.

From the age of eight, Nicole has been competing in sports. Her love for physical activities started as a young ballet dancer, and quickly grew into field hockey and weight lifting. Driven by this passion, Nicole completed her diploma in Canada’s leading fitness and health promotion program, attaining a certification as a personal trainer (CESP-CPT), the highest standard in personal training. Nicole has been providing personal training to clients of all ages for over 6 years.

Nicole has also been involved in the natural health food industry for over 5 years by providing nutritional and supplementation recommendations.

In December 2017 Nicole suffered a major concussion, preventing her from being able to function at the level that she is used to. After months of perusing traditional, medical help she found that her ailments were not getting better. She decided to take her condition into her own hands and found her solution with energy healing- and a start of a new journey.

Within 1 month of devoting her life to energy healing, she was able to completely heal herself with reiki. Since then, Nicole has committed herself to the practices of reiki, hoping to provide others with the same healing that she has done for herself and coaching others to begin their own journey of self-healing.

Nicole feels her best when she is practising reiki on others. With her natural ability as an empath, she is able to offer both spiritual guidance, and energy healing to anyone with physical or mental ailments, including: recovering from traumatic loss, blocked chakras, reducing stress and anxiety, easing bodily pain and much more.

Nicole wishes to provide all of her clients with healing and long-term results at Digestive & Therapeutic Wellness Centre.

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Jo-Anne McInnis

Jo-Anne realizes the critical importance of bodily pH and detoxifying for optimum health.  As a result, she has been providing ionic foot detoxification treatments since 2009.  Ionic detoxification accelerates the removal of harmful toxins at the cellular level, which can help balance the body’s pH, a key indicator of the general state of health.  Research has established that disease and illness have difficulty thriving / surviving in an alkaline environment – yet they seem to thrive in an acidic environment.  An acidic pH balance also decreases the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients, allows tumor cells to grow, makes one more susceptible to fatigue and illness and more.

Jo-Anne loves nothing more than seeing the many positive benefits her clients receive from their individualized treatments.  These include the purging of heavy metals, pain relief, weight loss, improved sleep, skin, mood, flexibility, memory, digestion and elimination, as well as increased energy.

Jo-Anne also became an Enagic ® International Distributor of the portable Kangen water machine, a revolutionary medical device (approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health as a Medical Device since 1965) in 2014.  This counter-size machine produces filtered, mineral-rich alkaline drinking water, which is highly hydrating and detoxifying.  This is why the world’s top colon doctor, Dr. Hiromi Shinya, recommends Kangen water as the main beverage to drink.  Kangen water is also very high in antioxidants, much higher than that of green tea.

In addition, Jo-Anne has been a Reiki Master since 2000. and is a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

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