It’s common to be uncomfortable or shy when we talk about our colon and bowel movements, but Kelly at Colon Spas is extremely educated with colon health and will make your sessions so comfortable.

My experience with Digestive and Therapeutic Wellness was excellent from start to finish. From the minute that Kelly answered the phone to completing my first treatment, the experience was phenomenal. The staff are knowledgeable, comforting and completely relatable. I would recommend this clinic to anyone interested in colon hydrotherapy or any of their other services.

Hey folks, I just wanted to thank you for being so thoughtful and understanding. When I came to the clinic my digestive system was really messed up. I am so impressed by how much the colonics have helped me. You made me feel completely comfortable from the start. I look forward to the next 50 years of good health.

I absolutely recommend putting your colon at the top of your priority list in terms of your health!

Thank you so much, Kelly! I got into colonics after learning about its benefits at Tony Robbins Life Mastery in California. I’m a raving fan for life

I have irritable bowel syndrome. For years I have been suffering from constipation and a very uncomfortable feeling of bloatedness after eating. Now, I am becoming more regular and I have no bloating. The process of irrigation is neither uncomfortable nor embarrassing. Nicole was extremely helpful and friendly and makes the process very comfortable and not embarrassing at all. I started off with 3 sessions (strongly recommended) very close together and then once a week for 2-3 weeks and now I am slowly cutting down to once a month. Highly recommend your services.

Thank you Kelly! I love coming in for my regular colonics. Your center is peaceful and warm and I know that they are doing me good.

My wife and I really felt relaxed during the colonic and the privacy during this new experience and seeing what was coming out of me, made me a believer! I used to work out everyday but always felt sore and lacked energy afterwards. Ever since having colonics, I have been full of energy and have a greater enthusiasm towards going to the gym. I am also not sore all the time like I was in the past and Cindy says her headaches are gone too. Colonics will always be a part of our life. Detoxing, keeping clean inside and building muscle has never been easier. See you and thanks for squeezing me in on short notice.

To whom it may concern, I encourage anyone who has not had the experience of a colonic to go for it. It’s the best and most rewarding thing you will ever do to change your body. Think about it, your colon is like a sewer pipe in the body. You are blowing out the …. that builds like a toxic paste in that pipe. It only makes sense..

Colonics have changed my life in so many ways. I used to suffer from lethargy, bloating, constipation and many more issues. Not only did it help me physically, it has helped me mentally and emotionally. I absolutely love Kelly and her team at Digestive & Therapeutic Wellness Centre and would recommend them to everyone.

Colonics have been more beneficial in resolving my issues around fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, blemishes and general unwellness which traditional methods have failed to do. Colonics should be part of a regular health routine. Since doing colonics, I have not experienced a cold or flu symptom to date.

Colonics have improved my overall health including my diabetes. My mental alertness and digestion have greatly improved. They are part of my life now.

I have been coming for just over two months now to correct a digestive problem I have had for a number of years. What I have found though is that not only has my digestion improved but my joints are looser, my breathing is better and I have lost some weight. Well worth the experience.

Improved hydration, breathing, stomach feels better, improved mental focus and physical energy. Allows body to process food better, is helping to improve my concentration and patience regarding trading stocks. Is somewhat helping with weight loss and skin acne after three treatments.

Relieved my constipation, complection cleared up the next day, it was amazing!! I will continue to have this procedure done for years to come.

Begin your journey today!

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